When and why did you create this blog?

I created this blog in 2017 when I started traveling more frequently. Many family, friends and strangers suggested I do so so that they can keep up and learn about my travels. I personally thought of this blog as my diary. A keepsake that I can look back on and even show my children in the future.


what do you want to accomplish with your blog?

I am not necessarily looking to accomplish anything per say. I do hope you learn and/or get inspired from my blog. Take a leap and get out your comfort zone doing things you would not normally do. I am here sharing my views to hopefully make endeavors more understanding for you. 


what countries have you been to?

I do not know if i will remember to update this part of my blog every time I travel. So far i have been to 28 countries on 6 continents. See my complete list here. 


How do you learn about travel, fashion and food deals?

I learned through google and social media. I use google flights to book my flights, which shows a calendar for at least seven months ahead, this shows you the dates that are the least expensive. For fashion, there's always a summer and winter sale to make room for new season items. Sample sales are scheduled around this time as well. Sign up for your favorite website newsletter where they send you discount and shipping promotions. As for food I look for happy hour menu's (I think this is an American thing) , Groupon deals and Restaurant Week participation if applicable. Following my blog I will specify if I was able to score a deal.

do you travel solo or with people?

I have traveled solo, with people and a combination. I only travel solo if I am unable to find one of my friends or family to join me. Sometimes I am in certain cities with my friends, then go to another by myself because they are unable to go with me. With my personality I am able to adapt to any environment solo. 


are you scared traveling solo?

I do not ever get scared. My fear is often replaced with excitement and anxiety. Anxious to see the new city, meet new people and enjoy my time. Growing up in New York City has given me many survival solo skills such as always being alert, keep my belongings next to me (never know who's on the MTA), being aware of my surroundings, not trusting anyone and always ready to defend myself. I am not untouchable so when I am traveling solo I organize everything I am doing while the sun is up and do activities that pick me up and are done in groups. I do not wander and stay away from the ghetto. My location is always being shared and someone is always updated on my whereabouts. When I travel solo to Thankfully I have never had a bad experience traveling solo, aside from getting cursed out by an upset person in their language, but like I said I am from New York, that's normal.


How do you travel so many places at once?

When I am traveling internationally, i make it my duty to visit more than one country. As inexpensive as it is, anyone should. Traveling throughout European, Asian and Australian countries are relatively cheap. Instead of purchasing a whole new plane ticket for hundreds of dollars, you can just fly to another country for as little as $20. Yes you read correctly, 20 bucks. Traveling internationally, a round trip ticket is less than purchasing two one way tickets. So I would usually purchase a round trip ticket and multi-city tickets in between. The most I have ever spent on total flights is exactly $1,000. That took me to China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.

How are you able to post while traveling?

I must say my phone carrier T-Mobile has been the G.O.A.T. I have never had any additional fees while traveling to multiple countries. The only country I have been to that I was not allowed to use my phone data is Cuba. That's because of their strict rules.They offer 2G and 3G speed without having to purchase an international plan. When I travel with my friend who have other carriers, they always complain about lack of service. The service for me isn't always the best but definitely workable until I get to WiFi.  


i do not see an ANSWER for my question.

That's okay, you can always contact me and I will be happy to answer. 




Where are you from?

I was born and raised in New York City. I currently still reside here. My ethnic background is Guyanese- American.

What kind of blog is this? 

I am happy you asked! I would consider this an Abventurous (Abbey + Adventurous) blog! Though it is primarily focused around traveling, I do enjoy sharing other things that interest me, such as fashion and food. During my trips I will share outfit deets and food that I enjoyed. This blog gives you a point of view from an African American millennial female.

How do you afford to travel and wear nice clothes?

I work, like any other adult. I pay for all of my travels and “nice clothes” myself. No sponsor or rich parents. I am passionate about travel and have always been into vanity since my childhood, therefore I prioritize to ensure I am able to travel and buy clothes with saving a budgeting. The categories of this blog are literally my hobbies, travel, fashion and food. Therefore I do not spend money on hanging out, I don't drink much or smoke, so I save a ton by not indulging. I try to only attend free outings around my city. I use public transportation instead of Ubers. I enjoy eating off the lunch specials and happy hour menu. I shop 85% on sale, with promotion codes and sample sales. I only purchase designer items on sale or in Europe (they are less because of import fees). I only purchase airline tickets under $500 and multi travel when I travel. More information about budgeting and deal can be found throughout this blog.


i can not afford to travel, any tips?

You CAN afford to travel, the same way you can afford to hang out with friends, eat out and other things that interest you. Traveling has become my passion so it is one of my top priorities, make it yours. Start with one destination a year. Cut back on things like that Netflix account, Apple Music account, use public transportation/carpool, meal prep, and put a halt shopping. Then gain costs by finding a part time job or selling items you don't use on eBay or Poshmark. Traveling is not expensive as many assume. You can start with a local trip driving to another state and traveling with someone else to cut the cost. There are many ways to start traveling. 25 tips here


Your travels look exciting and fun, how do you know learn ABOUT things to do?

Thank you, I am glad you find my travels exciting. I am big on organizing, planning and having an agenda. That's the kind of traveler I am. I use Google and Instagram to help me figure out what interests me and what I am going to do when I get to a destination. It is not always a 1,2,3 then everything is there. Sometimes it is extensive scrolling. Also I stumble across things as I am exploring, the unplanned gems are the best.


can i travel with you?

Maybe, if we get a long and have similar interests. If you are not ready on time, I will leave you =].


what is going on "tour"?

Going on tour is a term I use for myself when I am traveling to more than one place. The definition is traveling to place to place in sequence and that's exactly what I do. So if I am going to five countries, I would say I am going on tour since I am not going one place.


how do you plan your travels and outfits?

Google is my best friend. I research everything, the weather, culture, language, currency, financial economy, scenery, etc. This allows me to learn if a place piques my interest. Researching is very important and you should not traveling aimlessly. For example, many people assume South Africa is hot all year around. This is false they do have winter months, If you did not know this, you'd pack summer clothes and be freezing if you visited during their winter months. 


what kind of traveler are you? budget or luxe?

I am predominantly a budget traveler, however, I may splurge on certain parts of my trips that I think would be an experience booster for me. I fly coach and stay in budget arrangements. I do splurge on certain hotels only if it is very unique and quirky. If it only provide a bed with no added features then it does not excite me. I can get that without dishing out a fortune. For example, i flew to Dubai from Bangkok on a budget airline for only $150 round trip. With my flight being so inexpensive, I was able to splurge and go Skydiving that cost me $550. It's all about balancing and mixing things to fulfill my experience and have a good time.