Myth: Shopping in Paris warrants the best savings


Many women dream of buying their most coveted luxury item in Paris to feel chic, glamorous and save a lot of money. Many will argue its the “best” savings, I am here to tell you it is NOT!

Shopping in Paris will save you money oppose to shopping in the U.S. if you are looking to purchase your item at a designer worldwide flagship store such as Chanel 32 Rue Cambon or Louis Vuitton Champs Elysee then I understand why anyone would want to go to Paris, but THASSIT though. I personally feel the flagship store experience is overrated, especially at the LV store Champs-Élysées, it’s always crowded and not enough associates. Though everyone is very helpful. It is just way too busy. I had a better time at the Vendôme store. The best shopping experience I’ve ever had in my life to be quite honest. 



Its easier for me to say this because I have experienced it and someone else may not have had the chance to go to these flagship stores. I am all about saving money at the end of the day and Paris just ain’t it for the maximum saving.

The European country with the maximum savings issss *drum roll* Greece!

Greece has the highest tax back percentage than any of its European counterparts with up to a whopping 24% while Paris only has up to 20%. Another country with a massive cashback and wonderful vacation experience is Spain! Spain is the only country that doesn’t have a minimum spend requirement and a tax back of up to 21%. This percentage depends on how much you spend. The more you spend the higher the percentage would be. 

So if you are shopping in terms of saving then I would recommend Greece even Spain or Portugal, because you get a lot of tax back. Greece doesn’t have luxury stores in every city. Shopping in Paris sounds boujie, but shopping in these other countries sounds smart! If you are traveling just to shop be sure to research and make sure that the city you are flying to actually has the store you want to shop with. When I visited Athens, Greece they unfortunately didn’t have a Hermes store which is only in Mykonos. My go to place to shop is now Spain because the flights are under $300, they have a strip with all of their stores, and the stock is usually great with high tax back. Paris IS a beautiful city to visit, it is my favorite international city that I visit every year. Download the Global Blue app to test out this theory.


Would you travel just to save?  

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