Galerie Ikman’s Magic Carpets


A highlight of Turkey is their amazing carpets. Most countries that make carpets only knot them one time, Turkey is known for their sturdy double knot carpets which they rave about. During my time in Cappadocia, Turkey I visited a couple carpet shops. Though I would’ve loved to purchase one, I was being cheap on shipping it back home because it couldn’t fit in my luggage. Instead I decided to just have a photo shoot in one. On my way to eat dinner, bright lanterns caught my eye and I decided to check this place out. I browsed around and the owner offered me apple tea as chatted. I told him about my day visiting carpets shops and he showed me their expansive carpet gallery. It room after room full of beautiful carpets. As he showed me the rooms I was recording on Instagram story. He asked if I would like a picture of myself. Being dressed down, I was not ready to take pictures and told him I’ll be back the next day since we built rapport and were basically fake friends at this point. Being that I visited Cappadocia during my birthday trip, I decided to re-wear my birthday dress (that I didn’t get a good pic in anyway) and take some pictures. Check them out below.

(Galerie Ikman charges 20 TL to take pictures with the lanterns if you are not making a purchase, I did purchase a couple items)



Dress: NastyGal (sold out, similar here) Shoes: Tom Ford (sold out, black here, save here)Bag: Saint Laurent (exact here, love the red here) Hat: purchased at a newsstand in Paris (similar here)

(click images to enlarge)

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