Review: Rose Mansion


The most popular pop-up this summer in New York is the Rose Mansion. I had the time of my life visiting so if you are wondering whether or not you should spend your $45 (or $35 during their “happy hour” before 4:30 pm on weekdays) I will definitely say go for it even though it is on the steep side. I purchased two tickets one for me and one for my mother as a surprise for her birthday coming up.

I had reservations for 6 pm and was a little late. This wasn't an issue, so if you are running a few minutes late, don't worry they will still let you go up with the next group. This place isn't a winery, more of a photo opportunity which I don't mind, because I live for a photo op. It was very fun and I took my time getting my $50 ($45+$5 service fee) worth lol. The entire tour takes about an hour, I spent well over that. What I like the most is that I was not rushed. You move at your own pace and you just have to keep moving forward and not allowed to go backwards. All of the staff in the room allowed ppl to have fun and take photos. The only staff I did not like was the flower tub. The girl said everyone is only allowed 30 SECONDS to take pictures even if no one is waiting and you can't go more than once -_- she also had a stop watch. So extra it takes my 30 seconds to even get my pose ready. The fun is never ending, at the end of the tour you can go to their bar to purchase different wines, also the ones that you tasted in the rooms. There is also a photo booth and rose beach.

My only con is the droplets of wine. I didn't expect a full glass, but at least enough to cover the entire bottom of the glass. I am not exaggerating, it was tiny it actually made you more thirsty. There were about 8 rooms and all of the droplets are supposed to equate to two glasses of wine. Some rooms were more generous than others. Overall it was fun. It may depend on who you attend with. I did see couple so if your bae is fun you can definitely attend with him. I would say it was worth the money because I can see the work put into the presentation. Even the bathrooms were decorated beautifully. They should just be more generous with the rosé! Check out my photos below =)

Top: Nastygal (get it here)//Skirt: Zara//Shoes: Christian Louboutin So Kate (here, save here)//Bag: Louis Vuitton Sprouse (get it here, green here, pink here)


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