Jay-z and Beyonce On The Run II


What’s better than tickets to see Beyonce and Jay-Z?

Tickets to see Beyonce and Jay-Z in Club Carter standing section!

This was the concert of the YEAR and I do not want to hear any debates. If you missed it I truly feel sorry for you, not in a bad way, but in a YOU HAD TO BE THERE WAY =)

I am grateful to have the most amazing friends on earth. The ones where y’all don’t speak everyday but every time yall link up it’s a lituation. My friend surprised me with tickets to the concert. I had went to Coachella earlier this year to witness Queen Bey but this time I was guaranteed to lock eyes because I will be steps away from here instead of having to camp out hours at Coachella, which I didn’t do.

This time I also get to see the her hubby, greatest rapper alive who also reps Brooklyn. The entire duration was high energy and empowering. I don’t know how Beyonce does it, dancing and singing all in heels whew chile. With the love her life being present the chemistry was like no other and keep the crowd pulled in. Everyone was participating and singing along. I didn’t even realize I knew the words to every song that was performed. Even her costumes were to dieeee for, the iridescent set was something I would definitely rock, I don’t know where, but I'd definitely rock it. What I loved the most the show as that the entire production on stage was BLACK. From the dancers to the lighting crew. That touched me because I am a firm believer our dollars should be kept in our community especially if you can afford it, which big artists can.

The show was epic of course, I mean it's Beyonce we're talking about. Everything she does is greatness. I love how the stage moved and they touched every part of the crowd. Here are my highlights from an amazing night! Truly thankful!


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Did you attend the show as well? How did you like it?