Review: Dinner In The Sky Greece


Dinner in the Sky is an experience like no other. One word to describe it: Spectacular, yes! Imagine being 1000000 feet in the air with the view of a beautiful city enjoying dinner. This definitely set your dinner date stocks high lol. I first learned about this experience from my cousin when she went to Greece. It looked amazing and she highly recommended it.

As you may know, my trip to Athens was a part of a Europe trip with my mother and sister for my sister’s birthday and graduation. We planned to make this setting her birthday dinner, this is also the reason why we chose Athens over other Greek cities. We knew we couldn’t go all the way to Greece and not experience this  

The Load down  

Upon arriving about a half hour early, there is a deck where you can Start indulging in wine and a few finger food. You also sign your waiver form. About 15 minutes before we are schedule to go up they start strapping everyone into their seats.  

Gentle music is playing and everyone is cheering as the crane starts to leave the floor and go into the sky. Throughout the evening you enjoy your 4 course meal as the crane also rotates to that everyone can get a nice picture with the acropolis behind them. 

The Ambiance/Experience   


 The ambiance was nothing short of spectacular. Definitely worth the hype. For some reason I was excited the entire time I was in the sky, it was just a fulfilling magical feeling. The crew were amazingggg and took plenty of pictures of my party. Everything was perfect and 1.5 was the perfect amount of time. At no point did I feel rushed or tired of being in the sky.

The Food


I am not a picky eater and I had zero complaints about the food. Everything was good. However, nothing was off the wall where I needed to ask what’s the recipe. I enjoyed everything and ate all my food.  

Overall Experience  


The overall experience was a blessing. Many times people hype up things that doesn’t need to be hyped up but, THIS! This right here, Dinner in the Sky, I recommend everyone to at least try it nice in their life time. You will enjoy it and if you don’t then you I had so much fun enjoying this experience with my mother and sister.


can I keep on my shoes?

Yes, you don’t have to take off your shoes. There is a floor so your feet are not dangling. Everyone is usually wearing flats, but I kept on my heels 😉 

Can children go? 

You must be 18 or older to join.  

How long are you in the sky? 

We were in the sky for approximately 1.5 hours.  

What if I have to use the bathroom?

They remind everyone to use the bathroom before we go up. It is your choice to use to use the bathroom. As an adult you should know how to pace yourself where you don’t have to use the bathroom for the duration of only 1.5 hours  

Do they serve alcohol? 

They served a variation of wines. I am a big water drinker so I mostly drank water and a glass of rosé.  

What time slot is best? 

There is a 7:45 time slot and 9:45 time a lot. I can’t say which one is best as this is a personal preference. I can say that I chose 7:45 so that I am able to see the view and also get a wonderful sunset, making for beautiful pics! If you prefer pitch black with a twinkling lights of the city then go for the 9:45! 


Be prompt! Set your reservations in your calendar as a half hour early so you can be on time. I had to tell everyone reservations were at 7 and we still got there at 7:10 -_-. Our crane went up at 7:45 on the dot and not a party was missing.  

How much does it cost? 

7:45 145 euros.

9:45 135 euros  

The amount is in euros, so don’t forget to book with a card that doesn’t incur fees.  


The lockers were MCM, so cute lol

The lockers were MCM, so cute lol

Wine as we wwaited

Wine as we wwaited

View of Acropolis

View of Acropolis