Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2018


I can never hide my excitement knowing The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic is approaching. The ultimate event I always look forward to in order to kick off my summer. A beautiful champagne and fashion paradise. A place made for picture perfect memories and instagram hits! If you want to learn more about this event click here for information and how you can attend next time.

The first time I attended this event was back in 2015. Leaving a very pretentious mark on me, I knew I would always return. The champagne-house returned to Liberty State Park in celebration of 200 years on June 2, 2018. With the weather forecast predicting rain, even the sun had to make a deal with the rain so that he can enjoy the festivities. Now that we have great weather we can enjoy our day. 

THe Big DAy

This year I brought my mom to the event so that she can experience all of the greatness that takes place.

We woke up early and head to Battery Park, where the ferries take us to Liberty Island. On our way walking to the dock from Batterh Park, we were guided with multiple Veuve Clicquot signs directing us in the correct direction.


 Once on the ferry it was about a 10-15 ride over to Liberty State Park. The ride was smooth as pop music filled our ears as we watch the breathtaking view of Manhattan.



Sounds like a smooth sailing right? Not exactly, once on the island there is a 25 minute walk to the actual area where the festivities are taking place. This year they did implement petty cabs for $10 per person to speed up the process. I highly recommenced taking a petty cab. By the time you walk to the ground you will be winded and maybe even sweaty.


Our first stop was the bar of course. where we got our personal bottles. Much needed for the INTOLERABLE heat that struck us, after I purchased my mom an umbrella to shade her form the sun.


 Then proceeded to walk around the park and grab a seat to watch the match. As usual everyone are dressed to the nines in their finest ensembles. It is like a start  of summer fashion extravaganza. You'd definitely forget that you are there to watch a polo match, but I absolutely love it. We spent the rest of the day drinking, dancing and socializing the other guests.

What We Wore

When planning my own outfit, I always look for a print and/ or layers. I prefer to not wear anything solid, just to give my outfit more of a pop. I was torn between a few options but went with this look. I recently cut my hair myself and decided to try some finger waves to match my dress. I wanted to oveadweit (over do it) so I added some eyebrows and lip to match. 



Dress: Asos (sold out)//Shoes: Gucci Marmot (get ‘em here)//

Sunglasses: Miu Miu//Earrings: Chanel (Vintage)


Dress: Asos (sold out)//Shoes: Macy’s

Sunglasses: Vintage Versace//Accessories: Vintage


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