Royal Fried Chicken


The Ainsworth: 4.5/5 Stars

Sports bar, American



    Chicken wings that deserves be eaten with your pinky up and champagne. Yes you are seeing and reading correctly, I tried 24K Golden wings, a new visual spin on a classic bite. I was able to dine at  The Ainsworth this weekend to try out this new  rave.


FAQ: What does it taste like?

Keep reading to find out!


      This was my second time dining here and I had an amazing time! I made reservations (not always needed) and was greeted by the host who was ready to seat my party. Everything was delicious! I had the famous Mac and cheese burger which is fried Mac & cheese, with a patty and cheesy macaroni spilling out. OMG the most guilty pleasure for a cheat day haha. The candied bacon was something by taste buds were excited about. It made me want to go home and attempt to recreate it. I also tried the Brussels sprouts with bacon (awesome!), a short rib sandwich (A1!), the side of macaroni (oozey) and a Crooked Knife cocktail (spicy!).

    The most coveted dish for the night was the 24K Wings. They are actually buffalo wings and tasted amazingly like buffalo wings haha. Very moist and saucy with a killer with blue cheese. At $30 for 10 wings, this was some affordable gold!  They were definitely good for the experience. The thought of it being "gold" is just for the look. 

The only downside was that I was not informed that they would close early. Apparently they close early when it is not busy. They said they lose more money. They were scheduled to close at 1 am and closed at about 11 pm. With that being said I was not notified that the kitchen would close early. As a dessert lover and connoisseur, I was eager to try their desert. I was sadly disappointed.

Top notch everything in my opinion aside from that one mishap. The service was awesome and the chefs took their time with my table to perfect every dish! The ambiance is that of an upscale bar. It is very spacious and not narrow like most bars. A lot of sit down/dine-in seating. There is a lot of televisions situated around the entire restaurant if you want to catch a game. The attire is very casual. Everything was fantastic! I would give 4.5 stars, highly recommend!



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