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So I learned about this place with Yelp's recommendation and decided to check it out with my mom and sister on a Saturday. They told me it would be a 40 minute wait but they were ready in 20. I came just for desserts and the more  dishes. They serve a lot of chicken dishes (menu here) such as chicken and waffles. I wanted something I've never had before. 


The establishment is pretty spacious with a casual ambiance.


The service was decent. When we first arrived and made conversation with our server he said he was tired. Towards the end of us eating he asked us THREE times if we were ready to pay, with the words "are you guys ready now?" Like ready for what?! You clearly see us still working on our food. All while forgetting the water I asked for earlier. The restaurant wasn't closing for another hour and a half and there were plenty of seats. Maybe he was ready to leave or just rude. Either way that's a big NO for customer service. 


Moderately priced for the milkshakes and Ferris Wheel. Everything else was over priced. Two Mac and cheese donuts for $12? A little ridiculous. 

I liked the Ferris wheel and milkshake presentations. It gives me a SLIGHT Barton G. and Sugar Factory feel (milkshakes were larger than Sugar Factory). With all the food I stated, we only were able to finish our milkshakes and took everything else to go. The portions were good. Overall a decent time however.


The food was okay. We ordered the Cheetos chicken tenders. I assumed the breading was going to be Cheetos but it was a regular chicken tender with a sprinkle of the Cheetos powder -_- (the menu does state that though). We had the Mac and cheese donuts, which is fried Mac and cheese in the shape of a donut with a side of cheese sauce. We ordered this by accident, nothing exciting. We had the glazed donut grilled cheese. I enjoy it very much, but without the tomato sauce. The last food was the Ferris Wheel Sampler. I highly recommend this. There was fried pickles, funnel cake fries, onion rings, chicken bites and cornbread bites. Our grand finale were our shakes! We had The Celebration, The Cookie Invasion and The Grand Slam. Which were amazing, not too sweet and very pretty and Instagram worthy (what I like). 



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