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Berlin is a small city with a lot to offer. Exiting, artistic and rich with history, the capital city of Germany  is a very unique one. All of that sounds amazing, but your opportunity to discover a new city is very brief and extemporaneous. With anything, time is of the essence, and getting to truly know anywhere can take years (I live in New York and everyday is still new). Crunching time also gives you an awesome opportunity to test waters to see if another visit is in the near future. Check out some cool things you can do in Berlin in 24 hours or even stretch it to more!


After deciding what area you want to stay in, book an epic stay in one of many boutique hotels in Berlin. Quirky, fun, and affordable, your stay will definitely be memorable. The prices here definitely beat the prices of hotels in big cities like Paris and New York. So if you always wanted to try out that dope hotel but couldn't afford it, now is the time!


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I avoid taking taxi's unless I absolutely have to. Being able to stop in between point A and B is ideal for new discoveries while on vacation. When in Berlin definitely consider renting a bike. Of course this pertains to warmer seasons. You'll be reducing your carbon footprint, exercising and getting where you need to go for the low cost of €8. There are also bicycle apps that you can download and pay, get the code to unlock the bike and you're off!

When taking the train there are no turnstiles or barriers, nonetheless there was a ticket vending machine, but no clerk to assist you. I learned that Berlin uses the honor system. Expecting all patrons to honestly pay their fare. Don't get too comfortable and think you're getting away with not paying the €3.40 single fare as there are plain clothes officers randomly walking into carts to check tickets.




When in Berlin you totally have to try Currywurst. This German street dish is a simple pork sausage "seasoned" curry powder and ketchup. I use the word seasoned very lightly because seasoning to me is marination and saute,  not just curry and ketchup was sprinkled on top of the sausage.  It's a hit with locals and tourists alike. I enjoyed this €2, I wanted a bun to eat it like a hot dog, but the German way is with fries. If this dish interests you, you can also visit the Deutsches Currywurst Museum



Speaking of museums, Berlin is LOADED with options. Visiting Museum Island allows you access to five museums with on ticket. You also are granted with the beautiful sight of the Berlin Cathedral also known as Berlin Dom. Museum lust doesn't end here, there are plenty around the city that are amuzing to the eye.




Murals painted on the remnant of the East Side of the infamous Berlin Wall,  display powerful messages and unification. It is helpful to know the significance of the Berlin Wall. I am no history teacher, but I'll summarize it concisely. It was a wall separating Eastern communist Germany from Western democratic Germany throughout the Cold War. The East side was not feeling the communism authority, leading to them fleeing to the West side. As a result, the Berlin Wall was built overnight on August 13,1961 by the wack communists. Equipt with border guards and guns, to prevent the people from fleeing to Western Germany (such a hater). Thousands attempted to flee every single day, with a very small portion making it to the other side without losing their lives. The separation finally ended in November of 1989, allowing easterners to go to western. The city rejoiced and tore down most of it. A 1316 meter run of what is left of the Berlin Wall. For fun artwork from over a hundred artists around the world, East Side Gallery definitely shows how artistic Berlin is. A lovely stroll along this road will definitely enhance your Berlin trip, did I mention that it's absolutely free?



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It's sickening that we live in such a disgusting world where people were purged for something like race and religion. Berlin holds a lot of German history. With the Berlin Wall being one of them, there are many memorials for inhuman slaughter by the Nazi's. You can pay your respect at the Holocaust Memorial. A memorial to the murdered Jews in Europe.  Memorial to the Homosexuals Persecuted under the National Socialist Regime is just short walk away. This memorial pays tribute to those homosexuals murdered.  

Checkpoint Charlie Checkpoint was the only place at which foreigners, and only foreigners visiting Berlin could cross from West to East and back again. 





A city that celebrates booze has to have a popping nightlife. The Berlin nightlife scene is nothing short of your imagination. There are many options near and far. Finding a calm lounge were footsteps away for me, being right below my hotel. There were other freestanding clubs that you can attend. Coming from New York where everyone is dressed to compete with the next person, the vibes were an excellent blend of artistic hippies and people who came for the purpose of enjoying themselves. The nightlife is not for the early to bed, early to rise. Most clubs open around midnight, and ends when the sun is up. If you're up for the challenge check out one of their many cozy lounges or expansive clubs.



This isn't the first thing that comes into mind when you think of Berlin, but there is actually a lot of  amazing architecture. From ancient buildings like Reichstag, that has an incredible dome, to newer designs like Hauptbahnhof, Berlin's main railway station and the largest in Europe. Other dope architectural photo ops include

Brandenburg Gate


Charlottenburg Palace


Kaufhaus des Westens or KaDeWe

Ludwig Erhard Haus


You can type in the name of these locations in Google, or my favorite, type them into Instagram to see if they are worth your visit.



Remember when I told you I like to stop place between points A and point B, this is one of those places. Totally stumbled across this street market by accident and found a man selling this unique functionable bracelets. Demonstrating how it works was like a cool magic trick. Here you will find outside restaurants, street vendors and patrons showcasing their talents right outside of the metro stop. Hackescher Markt doesn't stop there, this area in the city is where you can find your favorite international chain stores. You can also find specialty stores thrift stores, and specialty stores with designers from Berlin.




One of the most popular and biggest squares other than HackescherMarkt is Alexanderplatz or simply "Alex" as it is known to the locals. Not only is it a central point for trains, trams, and buses, it is also a central point for most attractions. One major attraction nearby is Fernsehturm, the world famous television tower. Visit the observation deck, enjoy the restaurant or savor the moment from outdoor. The Fernsehtrum should definitely be on your list to see in Berlin. You should be able to spot it from many parts of the city. So if you don't want to be upclose, you can definitely enjoy the view from a dope rooftop.  




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