Restaurant: Sugar N' Coal


hookah bar, lounge, desserts

My mother told me about her time at Sugar N' Coal and how much it was a pleasure. She said it was a cool hookah  spot with really good milkshakes. As a milkshake lover I immediately became more attentive to her conversation. Once showing me pictures of her milkshake I knew I had to give this place a try because I love milkshakes! I decided to check out Sugar N' Coal for myself. 


On arrival we walked straight to the back where we waited a couple minutes for a table. As we sat down we noticed that the menu had great choices and even better prices. The prices were like on permanent happy hour. I'm talking about $5 for fries and mozzarella sticks as well as,  $8 for shrimp and calamari.



Our server Sunny was very nice and caring. He wanted to make sure everything on point and that we were satisfied. He even went as far as giving us complimentary champagne infused drinks that made our taste buds dance =]. The only down side is that no alcohol is served whatsoever, only little mocktails. This place used to be BYOB there are aren’t any alcohol allowed on the premise.




I am not a hookah gal, however I do indulge from time to time. The hookah pulled nicely and was hitting. This place does serve alcohol even though I did not order any. It is a nice cozy lounge, Not very big, with one side having about 4 table booths that seat 4 people on one side and lounge couches and tables on the other side, for like special events. This place is casual and plays a great mixture of music from hip hop to Latin music. The ambiance is a chill night out. Definitely a good time. I would definitely recommend this place for a chill night out, good vibes, good music and good food. I will be coming back!



Let's talk about the dishes. Being that the prices were so great, we decided to order numerous items since the menu is filled with mostly apps. We tried the chicken wings, butterfly shrimp, jalapeno poppers, Cajun waffle fries, and calamari. Everything was decadent. Everything was very mellow and was not fried with too much batter, I really hate when it's too much batter to the point you can't taste the meat. The chicken was saucy and cooked well.


The milkshake could've had a little more flavor in my opinion. I ordered a strawberry milkshake and didn't taste much strawberry. I tasted more milk, but this can be fixed, as I expressed this concern so that future milkshakes can be better. The cake that came with it was a delicious coconut cake, that is definitely top 3 best coconut cakes I have ever had. I can not forget to mention how perfect the presentation was!


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