A Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge: Photo Diary


Today I walked across the Brooklyn bridge because I did not feel like paying for an Uber or another ride on the train just to get to Zara on the other side. I'm really laughing as I am typing this because that sounds so cheap! However, having your two feet and walking really is an amazing feeling. I promise I had the best time during my walk. 

The walk is only 1825 or a little over 1 mile. A mile is the maximum walk I am willing to take because I know I am still functionable after. Anything around 1.5 miles, send the Uber please! Throughout the walk there are many stops for photo ops and scenic appreciation. Being a born and raised this bridge holds sentimental value to me. 

The last time I walked this bridge was almost a decade ago and a lot has changed! There's a lot going on now. I guess there were a lot of limitations before due to security reason, now there are bunch souvenirs and refreshments for sale. Here are highlights during my amazing walk.



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