Egypt’s Gem: The Great Pyramids

Currency: Egyptian Pounds

Visa: On Arrival $25

Language: Arabic


$1 = 18 EP

Visits: 1

Visit Again? No


Egypt oh Egypt! You were everything that I dreamed of and everything short of what I expected. For a country that had gone countless years without tourism, I expected to appreciated and welcomed. Instead, I was treated like a money mule.  

I know you’re thinking, Money mule?! Yes, having every penny sucked out of me. My experience in Egypt has scarred be to never went to visit ever again, but I’m sure I will. I feel as though I was robbed of my organic historic experience due to the greed of locals. Beware! They will size and butter you up into trusting them so theta they can scam you. then charge 3x for anything. Everywhere and everything no calls for a gaggle and that truly got exhausting quickly.

Upon arrival at the airport, I needed a cab to Giza, where I was staying. All of the airport clerks will quickly hound you as soon as you exit baggage claim, then when you exit the airport more hounding will come. You have to be strong and stern as they will follow you and say “NO!”. The prices I was being told was playing ole ridiculous, ranging from 200-300 Egyptian pounds.

 Luckily Uber is available in Cairo and guess how much my Uber was y’all? 100 pounds which was about $10. This ride is usually about 45 minutes long but took an hour and a half due to evening traffic since I arrived around 4pm. If you are ever visiting I suggest only using Uber fkr the most accurate pricing on transportation, as well as it being easy to get where you want to go due to language barrier. 

As I drove deeper towards Giza the more I witnessed the poverty. Children playing bare feet in dirt, shacks for homes, horses for transportation. A big difference from the city where there are 5 star hotels like the Four Seasons and Hilton. the most exciting part of my entire trip was seeing the pyramids and even going there I was constantly harassed for pictures. Have these people not seen black folks before? 

Cairo is big. There are many area to stay in

My day at The Great Pyramids of Giza was spent saying “no”. I was still able to take these amazing pictures.


Jumpsuit: DollsKill (similar here)//Shoes: Gucci (get them here)//Sunglasses: Mandee’s//Head Scarf: Local Stand (buy online here and here)


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Pyramids Entry: 160 Egyptian Pounds

(Half off with student ID)

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Have you ever been to Egypt? How was your experience?