Review: Hotel H2O manila


During my stay in Manila,Phillipines I stayed at a very unique aquaticaccomodation called Hotel H2O Manila that features an aquarium in some of their hotel rooms. I must let you guys know that I was super excited to stay in a room like this because it was affordable, something I’ve never experienced and I didn’t have to spend 1k to stay aqua rooms at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. 


The hotel was easy to find because it is located inside Manila Park Aquarium, a fun zone for children. The reception is on the third floor. I arrived around 11 pm so they theme park was closed so it was not busy. Everyone were exceptionally polite and sweet. It was under 20 minutes from Manila International Airport. This time estimate can be different based on the tome of day.

Check In/Service

The check in process was quick and easy, however during this time is when they told me the hotel room I reserved and paid for was not available. How is it not available if that’s what I paid for?? When booking my reservations for any hotel I always include my estimate arrival time so that hotels would not give away my room if I have a late flight. I booked their Aqua Supreme room which features an aquarium behind the bed and tub adding a beautiful underwater aesthetic and overall was laid out best compared to the other rooms, in my opinion. I envisioned the pictures I would take, I was so heartbroken.

They did offer me a complimentary upgrade to a suite, which I did not prefer the layout. There was a mirror behind the bed and the aquarium was secluded on a wall, just was not the same feel. I was not interested in the extra space as I didn’t need it. I actually preferred the layout of the less expensive “aqua” room compared to the suite and chose to downgrade. I inquired if I can downgrade and receive any price differentials, they said that would not be possible.

The room I paid for

The room I paid for

The room I decided to stay in

The room I decided to stay in


The room I decided to take was a downgrade since they gave away my “Aqua Supreme room”, I took their “Aqua Room”. It had a standing shower, no tub (I didn’t plan on taking a bath), queen size bed desk, TV, safe, closet. The breakfast was decent. I was unsatisfied with my stay (because I am very particular when I am spending my hard earned money) but it wasn’t horrible. 


The biggest amenity was access to manila Ocean Park, a beautiful place for families and children. They offer a full breakfast buffet, gym and pool. The breakfast buffet was okay, nothing impressive and for an extra $10 per person (comp. for me because of the room) I would’ve preferred to go to a local place which I love to do when traveling.

Ehh, I don’t know if I would stay here again. If you are interested you can Book Hotel H2O Manila here and use this link to save $25!