The Cheapest Floating Breakfast In Ubud: ThanTha Ubud


I had an amazingggggg time in Bali and need to return ASAP. My 4 days spent really needed to be multiplied at least 3 times! You can legit live as royalty on the tightest budget, and that’s exactly what I did. We’ve all came across those beautiful photos on the internet and Instagram where breakfast swimming to you in a gorgeous pool.

When I researched to experience this dream, only expensive $500/night resorts were coming up. I don’t know about other people but I never get the chance to enjoy hotel amenities because my butt is always up and outta there. So that $500 just wouldn’t be logical for me. Last minute I did find a fairly new hotel offering this service for only $45 per night! A cute boutique hotel with a private pool and floating breakfast that won’t break the bank. This hotel was called ThanTha Ubud.


This hotel is located in Ubud. A lot of attractions are located in Ubud making it a convenient location. I arrived during the night. Located off the main road it was a little hard to find. It is alllllll the way in the back of a dead end road. Though there was a sign outside on the main road saying that the hotel was located on this road from the outside, I believe they should’ve specified that it was in the back. The back was poorly lit so you wouldn’t expect anything to be back there because all of the other living spaces were in the front. Nonetheless we found it!

Check In/Service

The staff was perfect and helped us get settle in at 9 pm after exploring all day with our luggage along with our welcome drinks. The staff seem to leave around 10 pm and called us every night to make sure everything was okay before they left. So if you are arriving later it is best to notify them so that someone would be there to check you in. We didn’t spend ANY time at the hotel unfortunately..


The room or villa is perfect for 2. A beautiful canopy bed and marble floors. There is a a stand up shower and a small sink. Outside next to the pool is a hammock and a table to eat. My favorite part was the small pool to relax in. Too bad I didn’t spend much in it.


 Floating breakfast was served everyday, and like I stated before I never have time to enjoy amenities because our floating breakfast quickly became driving breakfast as we had to take it to go lol. There were about three breakfast choices.  We had an American breakfast (eggs, sausage, bacon and toast), banana pancakes (the best I ever had) along with fresh fruit, fresh fruit juices (we had pineapple and orange) and mint tea. It was perfect! 

I would definitely recommend this hotel and give it 5 stars for service and hospitality. There were no complaints especially for the price. I couldn’t have asked for a better stay in Ubud! Book here and use this link to save $25!

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Have you ever had floating breakfast?