Robot Restaurant Tokyo


As I was planning for my trip to Tokyo, a “must do” that kept popping up was Robot Restaurant. I was in love with how colorful and fun the place looked so I added it to my list as well. Since it was called Robot Restaurant, I figured it would be a nice place for dinner, kind of like Medieval Times, I was wrong.


From the outside you can tell how crazy and quirky it is inside. The entire place is like a unicorn and a clown had a litter of babies. VERY fun and colorful. You are around tourists like yourself. They employees that lead you around are fun and respectful. You are led through a series of decorated hallways then to a waiting area where Japanese karaoke is taking a place. You can also grab a drink and start your night before the show starts. About 20 mins later we go to our assigned seats and prepare for the show. the show is a crazy musical full of excitement.

Though it is known for being touristy the show showcased a crazy, colorful side of Japanese culture mixed with some anime, Godzilla, and cabaret. Not easy to explain.


When purchasing our tickets I learned that this is not a restaurant. It is more of a show and you can purchase refreshments. When purchasing our tickets we were offered the choice with or without food, for an additional charge. The food was basic snacks, not a meal. During the intermission you were allowed to purchase refreshments like fried chicken, churros, beverages, popcorn and more,


There are many sites that advertise and sell these tickets. I’ve seen ranges for $47-$60. There are three shows a day (it’s that popular), sometimes even four. My friend and I purchased our tickets two hours before my show, which was the second slot and only paid $40 each. I would recommend this for a better price or even searching a third party site for lower prices. We visited Tokyo the weekend before Halloween. Keep in mind the time you are visiting, if it’s busy maybe go the day before.


I repeat, his is NOT a restaurant! When were there purchasing our tickets is when we learned the unimpressive finger foods and drinks would be an additional charge. I also learned how much they love fried chicken in Tokyo. We opted for trying a local restaurant since we had time before the show. I recommend doing this as well. I did enjoy the show for like the first 20 minutes. I just wasn’t MY cup of tea.

I would recommend going if you are into things like this or just have a free day to spare. Popular American chef Anthony Bourdain dubbed the Robot Restaurant “the greatest show on earth”. Yes, that man have been many places, and the show was good, the might be a stretch lol. You’re not allowed to wear costumes or crazy wigs because the seating is tight and every deserves to be able to see the show without any distractions. Keep the craziness to a minimum here. It was just a lot of action that didn’t make complete sense, but I definitely recommend going for yourself! See about my time in Tokyo here.



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Have you ever been to Japan? Did you visit Robot Restaurant?