Kawaii Monster Cafe Tokyo

Burgers, Pasta, pastries, Themed Cafe


My entire time in Tokyo was filled with fun! The streets are fun, the people are fun and the food is even more fun. Tokyo is a happy land. Kawaii Monster was nothing short of my expectation.


The ambiance is very quirky. This place is cute for all occasions and you can definitely blend right in if you have wild style. Definitely not recommended for the conservative.There are half naked lady boys singing and prancing around along with women in costumes. The environment is overall and fun.


The service horrible period. Not just to us but to everyone. There was a party that sat in the booth next to me, they left about an hour before I did and their garbage was still on the table when we left. Once our server took out order we didn’t see her until the food came and then never again. We had to find her to get the check. It is also rude to tip in Japan. I left the change of about 200 yen ( that’s like almost $2) on the table and the bussboy ran to give it to me.


There was a cover charge of 500 yen, which is a little under $5. This included an entertaining show from dancers and other performers The food was n’t cheap but wasn’t really pricey. Tokyo isn’t a budget city so eating out is no different.. A specialty milkshake was $21, the painters pasta was about $12, and the burger was $14. Check out the menu here.


The food was good, like average good. Not nasty, but not “OMG this is the best I ever had”. The presentation is the bets part and that’s what I came for. Nonetheless we had a great time and highly recommend visiting for a good time.


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