Eating Art @ Murakami’s Barzingaro



If you are into dope artists then the name Murakami sould not be a surprise for you. He has collaborated with high fashion brand Louis Vuitton and even Drake’s streetwear brand OVO. While vacationing in Tokyo I knew visiting his restaurant would be on the top of my to-do list. As with everything in Tokyo, this restaurant had very cute “instagrammable” dishes that displays art themselves.


Bar Zingaro is located inside of Nakano Broadway, on the second floor towards the back. The ambiance was that of any coffee shop and the space was pretty dope and spacious. You can find people enjoying their meal, working, and taking pictures (I was one of them).


The staff at this cute cafe were happy and welcoming. They did not speak much English, however this didn’t hinder their helpful service. You go up to the counter and place your order, they brought my order to where I was sitting.


I found the prices (shown below) to be reasonable as nothing is cheap in Japan. It was similar to the prices I would see in New York.


The orders were not complex and were also in English so I just pointed to the items that I wanted. I ordered the vegan or '“healthy” Twin Burger, a Flower Latte, and Flower Cherry Mousse. The food was as good as it looked. The vegan burgers were served with dipping sauces, one added an extra kick and the other not so much. I was not a fan of them, I definitely should’ve got an BURGER burger. I don’t know who I thought I was. The latte tasted like any other latte, I love sweet so I would’ve added more sugar. The Flower Cherry Mousse was perfect and not too sweet. A few Murakami items which were actually less than what they go for in the states, but many were sold out at the time I was there. This is definitely a cool spot to visit while in Tokyo. Read more about my time in Tokyo here.


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